Creed Family History

Origins of the Creed Name

There are a number of theories as to the origin of the Creed name:-

  • The most likely origin is that it is of local origin, being derived from a place where a man lived or where he once held land. In this case the Creed name is most likely to be linked with the village of the same name in southern Cornwall. The name would literally mean "of Creed"
  • An alternative origin is that the name is patronymic. That is being derived from the first name of the father. There is evidence to suggest that there existed a personal name of Crede in England in the middle ages, so Creed would simply mean "son of Crede". The first name Crede itself could be translated as "belief" or "answering to a faith".
  • Thirdly there is a theory that the name originates in Normandy and was brought over by the Norman French during the invasion of England in 1066. The Norman french name being Credo.
  • Early instances of the name in England include Wadin Crede who is mentioned in the Pipe Rolls for Warwickshire for the year 1191 and one John de Crede who was a resident of London in 1370.

    An early record of the name in America is in 1635 when Ann Creed left London abord the "Globe" and settled in Virginia.